Roanoke Window Cleaning

by Larry Puckett

Window Cleaning in Roanoke, VA for over 20 years!

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Roanoke Window Repair - Roanoke Window Cleaning



We can fix or Repair ALL types of windows including:


                  - foggy windows                                - Broken panes(individual)  

                  - Annealed Glass                                 - Tempered (safety) glass

                  - Chipped windows                             - scratched windows

                  - Storm windows                                - wooden or vinyl windows


We can also install new parts such as tilt latches, window locks, crank handles, and balances.



Do You have FOGGY Windows?


Please contact us at Roanoke Window Cleaning BEFORE you consider replacing those windows!  There is a good chance that these windows can be repaired by fixing or replacing ONLY the necessary parts, NOT the entire window!  This can save you Thousands of dollars and you will NOT have to change the original look of your home.



"My Windows won't stay Open! "


No Problem!  This is a very common problem and it is something that we specialize in.  At least twice a week, while window cleaning, we run into another house with windows that won't stay open.  Not only is this problem very dangerous, but it can also be very annoying as it keeps you from ever being able to open the windows.  How many times have you had to use something to prop your window open? Let us Help!



Call Roanoke Window Cleaning by Larry Puckett at (540) 772-3025 and let us put our 20 years of window experience to work for you!  Your satisfaction is ALWAYS guaranteed!